Love…It Keeps No Record of Wrongs

“Love… it keeps no record of wrongs.” The Greek word for ‘record’ here is λογίζομαι (logizomai) and one its most literal meanings is to “keep an inventory”. The word for wrongs is κακός (kakos) and its literal meaning is evil; the most literal translation would be “Love…it keeps no inventory of evil deeds”.

As I have gone down the rabbit hold of examining what Agape love is, I have grown increasingly overwhelmed as I have realized how high the standard of what love is. I have developed an increasing awareness of my own innate inadequacy on loving the agape way…it is just beyond my own power. The only way that I can begin to approach this level of love is through the supernatural divine revelation of God the Father, the example of Jesus on the cross, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the transforming, renewing influence of the Word Of God. By my own power I cannot love the way that God calls me to love, but through his divine power, I can try to share in his divine attribute of love.

Out of all of the attributes of love I have examined and measured against my life so far, this attribute of “not keeping a record of wrongs” is perhaps the most difficult and yet is the intrinsic nature of God; you have to be with God to even begin to hope to love this way.

When something happens, it goes directly to our memory banks and unless Alzheimer’s, dementia or some other neuro illness strikes me, it is almost impossible to cleanse that memory away. I tell myself that I will forgive, but will I ever forget? I find that it can be easy to blank out and forget my own sin no matter how shameful it is/ fades away. But if someone, especially someone that I am close to, hurts me, as much as I would like to, it is never forgotten. Yet the message of the Cross is a message the forgives and completely forgets…the slate is wiped clean. The supernatural power of the Cross does that.

Keeping a record of wrongs affects all of our relationships both in and out of the church and it has the power to affect us for the rest of our lives. This year marks 33 years that I have been within the church and I have seen repeated situations where 17 – 20 years later, people are holding on to hurts, grudges and slights, imagined and unimagined. When I am confronted with this, all I can do is be humble and apologize and hope that by my actions I can help people be released from this bondage of having an inventory of evil. On the other hand, while writing this, names of people came to mind, that if they showed up in fellowship, I would cringe at…I have the same bondage that I see so clearly in other people. This is not to justify this…this is something that I need to plead with God, reflect on Jesus on the cross and get the help of the Spirit to root out in my life.

I am not sure if there are practicals that can be practiced here to help remove the inventory of evil from our relationships, but I know that we have to beg God to help bring about repentance in this area. We need to reflect and consider how to start loving by eliminating our inventory of evil.

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