Love…It Is Not Self Seeking

“Love…it is not self-seeking…” This is challenging, because almost in every situation, I ask myself, “whats in it for me?” It is also subtle because many of the things I want may seem noble but are really all about me. At church and at work I have wanted to be a leader because of the status and position rather than seeing it as a role of a servant. I think about different motivations I have had about going to church over the years…I wanted a wife, or a job, or a business deal…I wanted to be well thought of and respected. I may have said that I was there for God or others but in the light of day in reflection, many times the motivation was all about me.

If I am going to be a loving man, I need to stop putting my own interest ahead of others…especially at Church. What are some practical steps to make sure that I am not being self-seeking throughout my day? Feedback, comments or practical suggestions are welcome!

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