Love…It is not proud

“Love… it is not proud.” Of the many things that I am routinely guilty of, pride has to have a pre-eminent place within my life (Am I proud of this? Sounds tongue in cheek but is it really?). Quite frankly, I have problems at times seeing how my pride is so unloving, and yet the scriptures are so clear…there it is…what am I going to do about it? Pride makes you”bigger’ than you really are…the word means to “puff” up, to make larger than it really is. One of the distinct I see my pride is when something bad happens and I ask myself, “Do I really deserve this?” The question I need to be asking myself is do I really want what I deserve? I think not, because I shudder if I think about getting what I deserve it is not a pleasant thought.

I am not alone in being proud…it is spread throughout the Church and society at large. I/we need to start to ask ourselves how pride is destroying our love. We need to as ourselves very practical questions and examples of eliminating pride from our lives as we practice love. The question for me to wrestle and grapple with is how can I be more loving and less proud in my daily life interactions.

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