Love…It Is Not Easily Angered…

“Love…it is not easily angered,…” The world is full of anger. Anger always seems to follow what I want or expect; perhaps this is why this follows immediately after being self-seeking. Anger is also fueled by unresolved conflict and pain and frustrations. In so many ways, anger is the symptom of the underlying heart. While it can be easy to see raw anger all around us, the church has its share of anger, though in many cases is “masked” as “righteous indignation”. Anger in the church is not confined to just a few people and can be found throughout. People have the expectation that the church is going to be perfect and find in many ways that it a mirror of the world around us…and get angry. Leaders feel like people get in the way of their leadership …and get angry. People feel like the deserve a role or position…and get angry.

Anger has such an obvious alienating emotion…..someone gets angry and we don’t feel like we can be close to them. Someone gets angry and we avoid them to avoid the conflict.

How do we keep anger out of our daily interactions? How do we love people and keep from anger? What are some practical things that we can do to avoid anger and love people better?

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