Love…It Does Not Boast

“Love…it does not boast…” This is a hard one for me…shock of shock, I can be a boastful man. I have lived a ‘larger than life’ life, and at times I like to talk about what I have done an where I have been. I like to talk about “ME”… as if this validates me and gives me value and self-worth. It’s not just about the big things…boasting can be about how many visitors I have to church, baptisms, my role in the leadership…the list goes on and on.

The thing is when I “boast” I am doing three things: 1) I am diminishing the value of being a Son of God and telling myself my value and self-worth comes from within rather than from being a Son of God. 2) I diminish the value of others around me because they have not accomplished/achieved enough. by my standards…their value is what they can do, rather than the fact that they are Son/Daughters of the Living God created in his image. 3) I embellish my value and believe that God needs me, that I am valuable for what I can do rather than being his Son. Think the older son in the parable of the prodigal son.

So practically speaking how do we avoid being boastful at Church, in our families, and at work? How do we practice love through the avoidance fo boasting? A difficult question for me to wrestle with.

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