Love…It…Always Trusts

“Love…it…always trusts…” I have wrestled with this. Are we ‘commanded to trust’ as part of love? Or is trust a natural result of love? When someone is impatient, jealous, proud, dishonoring, self-seeking, angry, unforgiving, happy when things happen to me, untruthful and do not protect me can I trust them? I personally just don’t see how it can be done. On the other hand, if someone is patient, not jealous of me, humble, honoring, outing my interest first, slow to anger, forgiving, compassionate, truthful and protective of me, I will naturally trust them.

I think that this is an important distinction because trust has to be earned and given, not demanded and taken. Giving trust is voluntary while demanding trust is manipulative. I can distinctly remember times that I have demanded that Deirdre trust me…and when I did, there was no love. The issue when I demanded trust, is that I had done things to destroy the trust; to put it another way, I have not been loving or trustworthy. So again the question is trust a command or a result of love.

Nowhere in the Bible do I see God commanding us to trust each other…We are repeatedly commanded, encouraged and exhorted to trust God, but we don’t have the same command to each other. Because of this, my conclusion is that trust is a result of love.

Our world is not built on trust…we distrust each other, we distrust motives. We see this continually at work and we see it at church. We don’t trust each other and that lack of trust is evident by how we treat each other. If there is no trust between us, we need to own the distrust and ask ourselves what we are doing to break trust…what are we doing to be unloving? Is trust a metric of how loving we are?

The question I am asking myself, is how much trust is there around me? Is my love resulting in the building of trust? Or is my unloving nature breaking trust? Questions for me to ponder.

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