A Man of Faith Or A Man of Love

Which would you rather be: A Man/Woman of Faith or A Man/Woman of Love? Which is more sustainable?  This is the question that I grappled with as I started an inventory of my life.  This is the question that has forced me to examine what “Love” really is and measure how loving am I really?

I am a 57-year old man who has been in the church for 33 years.  This year Deirdre and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary.  For 15 years, Deirdre and I served in Asia, but again, in all this time I am forced to ask:  “Am I a man of love?

This blog was a result of a personal study I began on 1 Corinthians 13 that shared daily through Facebook posts; many people told me that while the articles were good, they were just too long for Facebook.  I also, want to share my on-going journey on what it means for me to become loving.

The name of this blog came together in several ideals.  First of all, I live most of my week in Dillingham, Alaska which is a remote town surrounded by the wilderness. joked to myself a couple of times that while I am not John the Baptist, I am a voice in the wilderness…literally.  I realized for my own sake, that I needed to tone this down to a whisper.  I also have a developing conviction that it is the Holy Spirit that empowers me to love and at least in my case, the Holy Spirit speaks in a whisper that I have to strain to hear. Whether I have managed to capture some of his whispers in my writing, you will have to be the judge.

I thank you for joining me as I continue on this journey of love.

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